If you have ever ride the skateboard or the longboard, you could notice it does not just and extreme form of sport. It is also a culture which always welcome female player. However, we have just witnessed the increasing number of women in this type of sport in recent years. We often take it for granted that women are dominating the competitions in surfing, boarding and snowboarding, but longboarding does not receive the same treatment for a long time. It is not like that anymore.

Why are women beginning to play the longboarding?

In general, there will no exact answer for this question as there are a lot of things determine this. The first and also the most important reason is that longboarding are always an attractive sport regardless of age and gender.

The second important reason is that more and more women are showing their interests in some extreme forms sport now than ever before.

We would look at the X Games sport event as a good example for the above reason. During the past five years, women just take part in winter sport and surfing. But now, we would see more of them are competing in more extreme forms of sport such as skateboarding, longboarding, motor riding and so on.

Those are one a few good examples of how many women athlete pursuit the passion and now become professional in extreme sports. Thus, the practice of longboarding has definitely become more popular with women, particularly with those people who are passionately beginning to play this extreme sport.

What does that mean?

The fact that more and more women athletes are beginning to play the longboard would bring a lot of great implications. The most important one is definitely in the aspect of fitness and health. In general, an athlete in extreme sport as well as longboarding would have a greater understanding of how the body work and which factors it need to keep performing at the best state.

In this way, playing the longboard would help you to improve the knowledge of which physical aspects are the best, and the proper method to improve them. When you make a good combination between rest and nutrition, riding a longboard could bring a positive effect for women on the development of their body.

In other words, riding the longboard would help you to be active, fit and in good shape.

Another important effect is how the professional tournament would be changed with the participation of women in playing the longboard. During the past years, we can see that more and more women are taking part in a lot of competitions in extreme sport. And for the next 5 years, we expect that women in longboarding would be one of the most important part of extreme sport competitions. It this does not even happen, they could attract a lot of people on social pages such as facebook and twitter with their amazing skills.

In contrast with the common sense, many forms of extreme sport are not always dangerous and risky. However, ignorance is really dangerous, so you should pay special attention while riding a longboard. In fact, when the young players are learning how to ride a longboard, they would definitely wear some necessary devices to protect the elbow, knee, including a helmet or gloves. You could see post to know more about the important things when riding a longboard as well as the best longboard brands in the market these days.

In conclusion, riding a longboard is not only like skating, but it is also a form of culture that a rider embraces.


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