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Top 5 Tombs in Hue City

Vietnam is one of the countries in Asia which were ruled in many ways, such as: the dynasties of families, emperors along with harems and the grand palaces, or the feudal lords as well as ladies.

Have you ever heard about the Forbidden City in China? This project was built for the Emperor along with his entourage. And in Vietnam, there is also a similar city which exists until now. Do you know what the city is? That is Hue and by a Hue city tour 1 day, you can know clearly why Hue seems to be the Forbidden City in Vietnam.

During the time between 1802 and 1945, the Nguyen Dynasty which was a strong family ruled our country. At that time, that capital of Vietnam was located in Hue which was pronounced as Hwhey. The Nguyen Dynasty was the last family which ruled the country when the Emperor gave up his position and supported the new government.

However, Hue was the capital under the power of the Nguyen Dynasty for a long time, so Hue is considered as the Vietnam Imperial City. Many tombs of the Emperors are located along the Huong River to dedicate them. Every tomb includes the special things you certainly feel amazing. You can visit them in the Hue city tour 1 day. Now let’s take a look at some tombs in this article.

Royal Tomb of Minh Mang

Hue TourThis tomb was designed in the traditional way. The symmetry followed the classical Chinese scheme and it seems to be never seen in other tombs. The oval walled compound contains the forty structures which were divided by a central line. This line consists of the stele pavilion, the salutation court, and the emperor’s tomb.

The royal tomb of Minh Mang was ordered by himself. He died in 1840. And three years later, his tomb was completed by his son and at the time he rested in his tomb.

Royal Tomb of Tu Duc

Contrast to the tragedy of his life, the royal tomb of Tu Duc is really opulent. Among the Nguyen Emperors, Tu Duc is the Emperor who ruled the country for the longest time. After holding the power for just 35 years, he died.

This tomb also contains his household and Tu Duc also asked the people to build the Forbidden City. People believe that he had no child because of his smallpox. And that is also the reason why he wrote his stele by himself.

Royal Tomb of Khai Dinh

This work was built for up to 11 years and the cost to build this tomb came from the high level of the taxation on peasants.

The royal tomb of Khai Dinh was designed following the French design. Compared to other tombs built before, Khai Dinh’s tomb looks like a monument. The project was made from the concrete and included a wrought-iron triple gate.

When seeing inside, you can see the mixture of the elements of Eastern and Western design. The broken glasses, as well as the porcelain which are colorful, are also the materials of this tomb.

Royal Tomb of Duc Duc, Thanh Thai, and Duy Tan

The special thing of this tomb is that there are 3 Emperors who are dedicated here. Why does the thing like that? Because Thanh Thai and Duy Tan were denied to have their own resting places because of the French government.

So the Emperor Duc Duc shared his tomb with them. Now, the tomb is situated behind the Long An temple and there are three altars which commemorate the Emperors.

The Royal Tomb of Dong Khanh

The royal tomb of Dong Khanh is known as the smallest projects among the tombs of the Emperors. The construction was ordered to build to dedicate the Dong Khanh’s father. But after that, Thanh Thai changed into the tomb of Dong Khanh Emperor.

Dong Khanh was the emperor whom the French controlled most. When seeing his tomb, you can realize clearly the French influence. The tomb includes the stained glass windows and the terra-cotta reliefs. You can not go wrong when choosing Hue tour in VietFunTravel.

Here are top 5 tombs in Hue City you can enjoy when visiting the Vietnam Imperial City. We hope that this article is useful for your and you can enjoy your journey a lot.

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