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Tactical Flashlight Benefits

Because of the fact that our vision is limited in the dark, we trying every day to break that limit and lots of innovations were born such as torches, candles, kerosene, splinter and finally the flashlight.

Technological advances in this field have made a great effort; there has been a wide range of models on the market today than ever. Therefore, in this article, we will show you some tips how to choose a tactical flashlight that meets your need properly.

How to choose the best flashlight the self-defense?

Knowing that tactical flashlight is the amazing tool for self-defense. But among a wide range of models, what is the best tactical flashlight? There are nearly 100 diverse models and types available on the market. The one that you pick will fit your budget, which is the first criterion. However, here we provide some more criteria should be taken into account when choosing a tactical flashlight.

  • Size: it must be small. Why? Because you want a self-defense tool which is handy and easily to take away with you every day, you can even put it in your pocket. So the tip is: choose the tactical flashlight which is as small as the palm’s size.
  • More than 120 lumens: the light output systems include the spot and the spill. An effective tactical flashlight for self-defense must be powerful enough to freeze the attackers. So gets a flashlight having more 120 because less than that numbers, your flashlight doesn’t work.
  • The simply: Because of different purposes, many tactical flashlights have more than 5 functions such as alarm, urgency whistle, light mode, etc. but our recommend is that: keep it simple. You will do not need so many functions because you do not use it often and at the moment of facing risk, making the wrong move will be dangerous. So with tactical flashlights, keep it simple and you can practice some more tricks of how to break the attackers’ hand. The switch button on/off is enough for a tactical flashlight.
  • Waterproof: of course you will need this function. A tactical flashlight should under every situation even under water. It doesn’t mean that you need a waterproof tactical flashlight in case of dropping or fighting under the water. You should pick a waterproof one just because it can work during the rain or under wet conditions.
  • LED or incandescent: we recommend you use LEDs because; the incandescent bulbs are not stable and can break easily if they are dropped while LEDs are flexible and stable. And about the efficient, the incandescent bulbs do not use energy efficiently.

How to use a tactical flashlight to defense when unarmed?

In fact, tactical flashlights are used to defense in every situation that being unarmed is not a worrying situation.

All you have to do is take advantages of everything you get, in this case, it is the flashlight, and you shine the light directly on the attacker’s face and control his eyes. When he loses the sight, he loses his biggest advantages and becomes blind. The bright light of the tactical flashlight is strong enough to keep the attacker dizzy with the illusion, and now you have time to flee from the attacker or fight against him. If you haven’t trained for fighting, and you do not know whether your attacker is armed or not, Then you’ve better run right away.

If you have no choice but fight against the attacker, then do it quick and as hard as possible, hit hard on his face and then use your tactical flashlight to freeze him again and fun quickly. Hitting the knee or low parts is also a great move to make him hurt and gain time to get away.

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