Not only being a place for your family to relax and entertain, every living room with distinct layout can be considered as a reflection of personality as well as taste of its homeowner. There are several ways to consider to bring new life to your living room, here are some such suggestions.

Firstly, depending on what purpose you use your living room for, you will get an idea of selecting what furniture items and how to arrange them. If your living room is just not used as a space where your family reads books, watches television or entertains guests, it is even a place for cooking and playing then splitting it into smaller areas is extremely important. A good way to avoid not having enough space for items as intended is to make a plan in detail for how much space for each area – how many squares for sofas, how many for kitchen cabinets, for instance. Afterwards, you determine proper positions to place furniture pieces, plus what types of items you prefer – armchair, slipper chair or chaise lounge?. Nevertheless, no matter how you like one piece of furniture, the criterion that it should match your living room size and other items should be achieved. If you are not confident enough to draw your room layout by yourself, inviting an interior designer to your house is not a bad idea.

Have you ever felt impressed by a living room despite not having a stylish design, the way in which colors are combined is astonishing?. In order to do this, you should develop a sense of  what matches and what mismatches. Maybe it is the time for you to remind yourself of rough division into two groups of color: warm colors and cool ones, and the former has a stimulating impact on your mood, your behaviors, whereas the latter has a calming effect. Once you understand which type of person you are – a youthful, energetic and externally oriented person or an individual who prefers quietness and retrovert, you’re seemingly easier to choose colors fitting your lifestyle. Additionally, you should consider wall paint as well as  floor colors in accordance with purpose of use of area. For example, you can use sparkling, shimmery paint to create dynamic walls at the area for karaoke function, and pick bright, vibrant colors for a play corner to get your kids more excited.

Another not less important factor when organizing your family room is proper lighting. It serves a crucial purpose in both illumination of  your whole room and its beauty enhancement. What activities happen in a living room will decide what kinds  and what levels of light for it. The first type is general lighting in which you often use decorative ceiling lights, such as chandelier, pendant light, flush light…However, you should be more careful when choosing lights for watching TV and playing games. Brightness should be kept at a moderate level because too much or too little will harm your eyes. The second sort of lighting is used for particular tasks, including reading books and your kids’ drawing pictures. You have a variety of  choices for reading lamps, depending on their styles and lighting positions. If you have no interest in table lamps, you may think of a floor lamp which is placed next to or behind your reading chair or table. Lastly, provided that your family has a piece of artwork or a fish aquarium, why don’t you using accent lighting to create various effects as well as set a particular mood to that area? A combination of such light fixtures may absolutely  transform your living room into a colorful world – an ideal place for entertainment.

Last but not least, it will be a big mistake if you forget planning ideas of how you should design living room doors and windows. In fact, a smart choice in their types and materials could allow more natural light into your room and change your feel of the room as well. The most commonly used doors are hinged ones made of either glass or wood, but if your room is small and you want to save space, then pocket doors are the right selection. French doors or wide windows can give you a gorgeous view; however, there can be time when you feel a bit empty or when you need privacy, then curtains will help to deal with. Another idea is to hang some wind chimes; in addition to making a nice sound and decorative effect, they are regarded as a good tool to promote harmony and health within a family.

To conclude, a good basic knowledge in room design is essential if you want to  create a stunning convenient living room by yourself; otherwise, do not hesitate to invite a talented designer to support you. The style and structure of your living room do not need to catch up with latest trends, yet most importantly, you can get  a cozy and comfortable feeling inside the room or not.


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