For many people, impact screwdriver is an efficient and effective tool that would remove or drive quickly a wide range of of screw fasteners. In fact, there are a couple of things that make an impact screwdriver different from a typical one. An impact model would both turn the fastener so that the thread grips the material, but also drive the fastener, which leads to an even stronger grip by the thread.

In addition, an impact screwdriver basically takes advantage of an air compressor as a source of power, which combines the feature of a powered screwdriver such as a screw gun with a driving force. However, as with any other tools, there are also safety considerations to bear in your mind when using at work, and an impact one is no exception. In the following part, we will show you 4 useful safety tips to bear in mind when applying an impact screwdriver.

  1. Cover your hand

Always remember to wearing a pair of leather work gloves for heavy duty task to protect your hands from any accidents. More than 1 drywaller has put the screw through a hand or finger, and a pair of gloves will provide some protective measure against any such incident occurring to you. This is especially necessary when you are dealing with an impact screwdriver mainly because it is so efficient, you would drive a fastener more rapidly than your brain could register that you only put a screw through your hands.

  1. Protection

Regardless of the project, it is always important to wear safety glasses whenever you are dealing with a powered device. In general, safety glasses will protect your eyes from any flying foreign objects such as piece of re-bar or a minor wood chip. In the worst cases, your eyes could be injured permanently when they are not protected, which could eventually lead to blindness. This is basically a quick and easy step to take to make sure that your visibility is not damaged.

  1. Do not play with a tool

An impact screwdriver is basically not a toy, and you should not use it for any other purposes other than for which it is intended. For example, when you depress the trigger and the bit of the screwdriver is not strong, it would become a projectile. In fact, this is also correct for any fasteners which occur to be at the tip of a screwdriver. Thus, it is always important to follow the common sense when you are using an impact screwdriver.

  1. Read the instruction carefully

If you do not get used to the device that you are dealing with, the impact screwdriver in this situation, make sure to read all user manuals as well as guides thoroughly before starting to work. The risks of an injury happening from a device that the worker is unfamiliar with as opposed to familiar with are a lot higher. Because this impact device is powered by air, it will generate a lot of force, which could be either lethal or injurious when you do not use properly.

To sum up, an impact screwdriver is definitely an efficient and effective tool when you want to deal with a fastener. It would drive or remove it probably more efficiently than any other tools available in the market. Nevertheless, due to the great amount of power generated during this process, it is important to consider safety as your top priority so that it can prevent any serious problem when not handled correctly. To get more useful tips on using the best screwdriver set, you should check and follow our guideline to work more effectively in every tasks.


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