Light House Tablet Tip & Trick 12 Castor Oil Properties

12 Castor Oil Properties

Castor oil is a great moisturizer and has properties that can help us deal from eczema and dandruff or flaking to insect bites. While castor oil is known for its properties as a natural laxative, also it has other interesting uses that are worth knowing. In turn, some doctors suggest that in large quantities can be toxic, however, their use in traditional medicine is long-standing. Learn the benefits of castor oil in the following article. Castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but its benefits have expanded the field of beauty, medicine, and food. Know which are the main contributions of this oil for your body. The Jamaican castor oil is also very useful

12 Castor Oil Properties:

  • Look after your skin
  • Relieves constipation
  • Strengthens nails
  • Relieves pain
  • Lengthens lashes
  • Disappears dark circles
  • Steeper eyebrows
  • Relieves sties
  • Robust and healthy hair
  • Soothes cough
  • Against Cancer
  • Removes moles and warts

12. Look after your skin

Thanks to its moisturizing properties, makes the skin stay smoother, free of wrinkles, stretch marks, and other imperfections. Often it used in the form of soaps, lotions, and other cosmetics. It is also ideal for people who have dry skin.

11. Relieves constipation

For individuals who suffer from constipation, castor oil is the best home remedy. Should only take a teaspoon in the morning. To soften the bitter taste, it can be made with any fruit juice. It does not take more than three days.
Strengthens nails

10. Strengthens nails

Castor oil is rich in vitamin A and is why it can enhance nails are shown getting stronger and preventing break quickly. Just enough to dip our nails in castor oil for 8 minutes, dry but do not rinse and repeat this process at least two times a week.

9. Relieves pain

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil can be used to massage to relieve arthritis in the joints, nerve inflammations, and sore muscles. Moreover, also it functions as relief colitis.

8. Lengthens lashes

Oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids possessing castor oil have the ability to soften and brighten the tabs, while fine prevents renewed and inconspicuous. All you have to do is wet your finger with some castor oil and rub it on your eyelashes, your eyelashes goal is to absorb the oil.

7. Disappears dark circles

As you read, castor oil is ideal for attacking dark circles because it stimulates the capillaries beneath the eyes, thus improves circulation and reduces the formation of dark circles. Dip cotton with castor oil and dark circles passing through at least two times a week; you’ll notice the results gradually.

6. Steeper eyebrows

Castor oil gets her eyebrows are sharper, brighter and smoother with vitamin E it has. All you have to do is at least two times a week rub with a cotton and castor oil your eyebrows, let it absorb and immediate notice the change gradually.

5. Relieves sties

Castor oil also has antibacterial components is therefore very useful to combat infections in the sebaceous glands of the eyelid. Just apply a drop of oil directly on the style 2 or 3 times a day.

4. Robust and healthy hair

Castor oil is great for strengthening the hair, preventing or reducing baldness, while giving softness and hair healthy and shiny appearance. All you have to do is apply some of this oil on your fingertips, giving a massage around your scalp for about 2 minutes, rinsed and is ready within weeks to notice the results.

3. Soothes cough

It is proven to relieve coughing; castor oil is a very effective remedy. Only about 5 to 10 local droplets on his chest and back, making a light massage and cover with a blanket. You will see how the relief is immediate.

2. Against Cancer

Castor oil can treat cancer, as patients undergoing chemotherapy to remove the tumor, can significantly benefit from this oil. It can be used to transmit a drug that treats tumors. These drugs can achieve the goal of a better way if castor oil is used.

1. Removes moles and warts

To remove moles and warts is full Castor oil is an excellent natural remedy. Continuously placed only two drops of this oil in wrinkles or spots you want to see as a fight with the passage of time will fall.

For external and internal benefits, castor oil has been used for many years. So if you suffer from any of these conditions not hesitate to use this excellent oil.

Did you know the properties of castor oil? What other features or benefits you know?


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